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Peer Group Coaching (PGC)


Peear Group Coaching 3

Peer Group Coaching (PGC) is a powerful platform for aspiring and practicing coaches to strengthen their coaching skills.   At each session, one of the Members will present a real-life coaching case s(he) is currently challenged with. Participants have the opportunity to discuss the case from different viewpoints following a structured format and process with the help of a Facilitator. PGC is a safe and non-threatening forum to learn and gain new insights and diverse perspectives for the case.

Invariably everyone leaves with a fresh inspirations, suggestions, questions and potential solutions. Peer Group Coaching is a powerful way to build a group of supportive colleagues and strengthen each participant’s skills. We welcome members to participate and to contribute as Case Study Owner and Facilitator.

PGC was launched in Sep 2009. It is a 1-hour session, by teleconference, held every 4th Thursday of the month.



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