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How to Apply

If you are an NGO leader requesting individual coaching support, or a small-to-medium sized NGO that organises development programs and would like to have coaching on:

  • Leadership / people management effectiveness
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Communication
  • Career aspiration
  • Work-life balance
  • Other personal growth areas

Please read the coaching agreement and complete an APAC Pro bono Coachee Application.


If you are a COACH with at least 2 years and a minimum of 100 coaching hours of experience, belong to APAC or another professional coaching association that abides by international coaching ethics, and would like to …

  • Enrich your experience as a coach through meaningful coaching projects that contribute to communities in need within Asia Pacific;
  • Support leaders (coachees) in small-to-medium sized NGOs to increase their effectiveness and broaden their impact on the community at large.
  • Promote coaching as an effective intervention for people development in the region

Please read the coaching agreement and complete an APAC Pro bono Coach Application and indicate your availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

A typical pro bono coaching assignment runs four to six months with a maximum of six coaching hours.  Depending on the need of the NGO leaders or programs involved, we offer bespoke coaching support where resources allow.  When there is a suitable match, we shall contact you.


Gerald Colin Abeyawardena  (gerald_abey@yahoo.co.uk)

Chair - Community Relations Committee, APAC