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As part of APAC’s vision to "bring the power of coaching to every workplace and community in the Asia Pacific region and to inspire new heights of human potential, achievement and creativity", we have initiated pro-bono coaching to support leaders in small to medium sized NGOs since 2008. As of May 2016, more than 743 hours of pro bono coaching have been provided to NGOs in education, capacity building, poverty alleviation, environment protection, anti drugs, care for the elderly, children, single mothers and many more. We hope that by offering pro bono coaching, we can support our NGO leaders make a bigger impact on the community they serve. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our coaches for their generosity in giving themselves and their time in this initative.

Here are some testimonials from those who have benefited from the program.

Please read How to Apply if you are interested in joining us making impact to NGOs or if you are a small to medium sized NGO and interested in getting coaching.

Thank you for making a difference!

Gerald Colin Abeyawardena

Chair - Community Relations Committee, APAC


If you would like to discuss how you (or your organisation) might participate, please email any of the committee members:

Chair: Gerald Colin Abeyawardena - gerald_abey@yahoo.co.uk (London)

Deputy Chair: Candy Lim - lim_candy76@yahoo.com (Singapore)

AdvisorsCatherine Eidens - catherine.eidens@gmail.com(Hong Kong) & 

Cynthia Chan - cynthiac0107@gmail.com (Hong Kong)


Country Representatives to drive Pro-Bono Coaching Initiatives in respective countries

Jerry Jiang - yingyuanjiang@hotmail.com (China)

Enoch Li - enoch@bearapy.me (China)

Narayanan Shankaran (India) - narashan@gmail.com (India) 

Mahesh Deshmukh - mahesh@marumaconsultancy.com (India)

Dr. K. Anne Dolly - dranndolly@outlook.com (India)

Jyoti Sapra - jyoti.sapra@risan.biz (India)

Mary Jane Dimatera - dimatera.mary@global-imi.com (Philippines)

Michael Lu - mykelu@gmail.com (Philippines)

Yulia Typania - jtyapa@gmail.com (Hong Kong)