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Narayanan Shankaran

Narayanan Shankaran
  • Coaching Specialties
    • · C-Suite Peak Performance Coaching
    • · Corporate/Executive Coaching
    • · Leadership Team Coaching
    • · People Management and Leadership Coaching
    • · Personal Development Coaching
    • · Sounding-Board Coaching for Senior Leaders
    • · Success/Career Coaching
    • · Transition Coaching
    • · Women in Leadership Coaching

  • Address
    A 1401 GE Gardens LBS Marg, Kanjurmarg(W)
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  • Coaching Mode
    • · Face to Face
    • · Global Reach with Telephone

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Testimonials :

1) Dr. Pramod Solanki-Associate Vice President – Learning & OD, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Mumbai


I am pleased to state that I have known Narayanan Shankaran as  a friend and a coach for over two years.

I have utilized his services as a coach in my personal capacity and have no reservation in saying that his coaching did help me resolve many of the issues I had been grappling with for quite some time.

With his high level of skill in coaching and a deep engagement with the coachee, I have no doubt that he would bring tremendous value to any client he works with.

My best wishes for all his future pursuits.


2) Clark Sun-Senior Manager for learning & leadership development ,Bank of   Communications,China


Narayanan is one of the best coaches I have ever met and I have gained so much from his coaching – more clarity on who I am and who I am to be both in life and career development.

I am impressed by his presence all the time with me as opens a huge arena to explore truth and possibilities in life in great depth and how I could achieve them. I should say he has superb skills in listening and questioning.

He is always able to hear the meaning and intention behind the meaning and intention and I would always wonder how he could make it. Coupled with his seemingly gentle but actually powerful questioning he is always able to inspire me finding what is at core and build up the energy and momentum for concrete actions.

All in all, he firmly holds the belief that I am always ok and resourceful.

It is a wonderful journey and experience together with Narayanan and I would highly recommend him for coaching service.



3) Dr. Rashmi Y. Desai-M.Sc. OT (Ped.)- Ped. Occupational Therapist,The Research Society, Mumbai

Mr. Narayan was my coach for the period of August 2015 to January 2016. He has good ability to bring out answers from client’s own mind. He asks very relevant leading questions. He can read body language of the client very well.

During my coaching he relaxed me during the initial conversation and built my confidence more in the skills that I already have. He also encouraged me to look at the other angle of the matter and guided me to develop more global vision. Later on slowly we worked on developing and handling more difficult situations in professional areas.

He is a very good listener. He has ability to keep the conversation focused at set targets. His presence at this time in my career is same like saffron in the sweet dish which makes dish more delicious. I am very satisfied with his coaching.

4) Chetna Bhatt;Head- Residential Section and Project Coordinator; Jai Vakeel Foundation

Some changes we accept with open arms and some we resist. I also had this phase in my professional life. It is at this time that I was introduced to Mr. S. Narayanan and was offered coaching with him to effectively handle the situations in my professional life and rise above the challenges and handle the situations effectively.

The first session with Narayanan was very effective and conveyed  that this sessions are for global (holistic) development for me as an individual and is not limited to my professional development.

My prime objective for going ahead with this coaching was to maximize my potential to accept new responsibilities - as a head of one of the section and for coordination of activities of the institute wherein I will be communicating with all my senior and junior colleagues regularly.

After initial rapport building sessions it was easy for me to discuss my strengths and weaknesses with Mr. Narayanan and was very open to his guidance.The most beneficial features of our sessions were-

•Narayanan never directed me to any decision and never decided anything for me.( so it helped me to think for various options of dealing with the situation).

•It broadened my horizon and helped me in handling certain situations in more dignified manner.

As we had set specific goals for our coaching- these sessions helped me to be -

1 To be a better team player.

2. To be firm yet not aggressive while interacting with all stakeholders and esp. external

3. To Be more structured.

4. Needs to build the ability to see the larger picture and work at the multiple levels and not one    transaction.